Sticky: Top Tips For Staying Organized

If you’re feeling disorganized you’re not alone.  Most of us have some tendencies to be disorganized.  Busy lifestyles have people with less time to do the mundane tasks of life such as cleaning and organizing.  You can help yourself to stay organized by following these tips for staying organized.

  1.  Pare Down.  Review what you use on a daily basis and get rid of the excess things in your life.  The fewer things you have the easier it will be to keep them organized.
  2. Make a Place for Everything.  Much of the excess clutter in our lives happens because we simply don’t have a place to put everything.  We’re living is a society packed with gadgets, clothes, toys, paperwork and all sorts of things.  The closets are stuffed full of things so we can’t even jam another thing inside.  Create bins, baskets, drawers or shelves for everything you use on a regular basis.
  3. Use the One Year Rule.  Get rid of anything you haven’t used or looked at for at least a year.  If you have special heirlooms or keepsakes you need to save take time to pack the items to protect them and stack them neatly in your garage, basement or storage area. Be sure to label them properly so you won’t need to go through the boxes again.
  4. Make Time to Stay Organized.  Clutter happens when we ignore the obvious and delay putting things in their places.  Schedule 15 minute a day to go through the house and put stray things away.  If you can’t spare the time each day you’ll need to allow an hour on the weekend to devote to picking things up.
  5. Create bins or baskets to help separate items.  Try using one bin per room or per family member.  For example make a bin that’s for “Family Room”.  Then as you go through the house place everything that belongs in the family room in that bin.  Once all the bins are filled simply take them to their place so they can be easily be put away.
  6. Get the Family to Help.  Everyone in the family should assist in keeping the home neat and organized.  Create a bin for each person.  Everyone should put the things from their bin away before they can have free time to play games or watch television.  Set up a time for everyone to put their things away at once.  Make a game of putting things away or reward those who empty their baskets without being told.
  7. Don’t Stress.  If you fall behind don’t worry about it.  Simply start from wherever you are now and keep going.  If the clutter is unmanageable you can get help from a professional organizer who will help you to get on the right track fast.

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