Saving Time and Money – Take the Step Down Approach

moneybox-158346_640Are you open to ideas about saving time and money as your organize your life? It is a frequent topic in conversation these days. Have you considered the Step Down Approach? Let me explain.

The levels of purchases can be arranged in tiers. The first being high-dollar department stores, next discount stores, then factory outlet, consignment store and the bottom tier being a garage sale or thrift store. Imagine your expenses as if they are steps.

If you normally purchase clothing at high-end, try taking a couple of steps down to a discount or consignment store. You can reserve the high-end purchases for times when it really matters and can save money by shopping at consignment stores where you will often find clothing on the racks that has not even been worn and still has the tags on it.

Discount stores are a great place for casual clothes and household goods. The step-down principle will work by applying it to how often you do things. If you eat out five times a week, try cutting down to two. I finally realized that I could stop in for a healthy meal at a fast food restaurant and not always go places where meals were over $10.

Many times, you can reduce expenses by analyzing what is really necessary and think before spending. What is your favorite tip? I would love to have your comments on how you are saving time and money.

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