Clear The Clutter – Remove A Layer At A Time

refrigerator-70580_640Have you ever noticed that your clutter seems to build layer upon layer?  I find mine starts on the kitchen counter. As we enter the house, the kitchen is the first place we stop to unload. Papers, books and just stuff seems to accumulate and the mess begins.
Then it spreads to the backs of chairs.  The back of a chair is a good place to drop off that sweater or purse. The thought is that it will get put up later, but later does not seem to come. So the next person just puts their stuff beside or on top of what is already there. Is that like your house?
How to solve this problem? Don’t wait until later, put it up the right place when you first come in. Just making a family commitment to that one step can start the process to clutter-free living.  It seems like such an easy thing to do, but it was a big issue at our house.  Paper seems to be the issue that is most common to everyone that I chat with about clutter. It just seems to have a life of its own.
How to solve paper issues….design a system and put it in place. The best system is useless unless it is put into use. The first step for me was to stop some of the incoming paper.  Junk mail was first on the list. Here is an address where you can write to stop most of the unwanted mail:
Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P. O. Box 9008, Farmington, N.Y. 11735-9008

It takes a few weeks for them to get the message out, but I did find it cut down on most of the junk mail. It does not affect places where you have sent donations or people you do business with, but it helped with the unsolicited stuff.
The next step for me was to stop the catalogs that I did not want. It seems if I ever bought even one little thing from a catalog company, I was on their favored list forever.  They keep saying “This may be your last from us unless you order from this mailer”  but the stuff  still keeps coming. So, if you want to stop these, set aside some time and find a comfortable spot and a cup of tea and start making some calls. There is an 800 number on the label or ordering page that you can call to place an order. Instead use this number, call it and tell them to stop the mailings. Your customer number is usually on the mailing label and they can use that info to take you off the list.
It was so nice when I could finally go the mailbox and get mail I wanted without all the extra junk. It also helped with the budget since I can’t be tempted to buy what I don’t see.
Do you want real ways to get control of the stuff at your house? Join the call next Wednesday –  I look forward to your questions. Sign up today!

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