Ready To DeClutter? | Try A Bit of Brain Training

thinker-28741_640Do you ever want to learn something new? Do you find it is not as easy to learn as it was when your brain was lower mileage? Mine seems to have been racking up some serious miles lately. However, I find I can still teach it a few new tricks. In fact, it seems to keep my brain in shape when I give it a workout. Actually, I find it is easier to work my brain than my feet, but that is another story.

Enlist the help of your brain in learning a new way of thinking about stuff. First, get out of the mindset of holding onto stuff in order to hold onto memories. Just tonight, I tossed some old office supplies into the trash. I had saved them because they reminded me of a dear friend. My new brain thinking was that keeping the file tabs and such did not bring him back and I know he did not like clutter! It feels good to just toss excess into the trash. Yes, I actually said toss. That is a good four letter word.  The next step for me is to take out the trash so that I am not tempted to reclaim the stuff.

This takes practice. Another step that helps is telling your brain not to want to buy in bulk just because it is a better price. I know I have tossed out things that had expired or even turned weird colors that were overbought just because it was a “good deal”. Do you have any “good deals” that need to be tossed? Think about it.

Learn to listen to your brain when this little voice says “you don’t really need it”. Exercise your brain in training. Each time you listen, it encourages you to be even stronger next time.

Do you have mementos that you really do treasure? Those are the keepers. Do something with them. Don’t just let them sit around collecting dust and turning yellow. I discovered an online report on photos that I really found helpful. Check it out at If you purchase, I do get an affiliate commission, but I only recommend what I believe in. I have implemented this information myself.

Time to decide what is important and what is clutter. Be honest with yourself. If you toss the excess, you can have time to enjoy what is really important. Be a member of  the Brain Trining Team! Here’s to your success today….

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