Professional Organizer – Do You Need One?

Do you need a professional organizer or could you be your own best resource? That depends. Now that sounds like attorney speak but it is the truth. Only you can answer what will work best for you. As a professional organizer, I think of myself as more of a home organizing coach. If you want to organize your life, there is no better time to start than today. If you need to declutter your home, it helps to have someone on call as an assistant so that you make the best use of your time and resources.

If you want to know how to organize your room, start with a review of what you have and how much space you have for storage. My first tip is to store things in the room where they are used, if possible. This is obvious for  places like the kitchen and bathrooms, but even closet door ideas come in handy in keeping things tidy and out of the general living space.

The picture on the right does not look fancy, but it is a good use of resources on hand and maximizes storage space. I use the square foot method for closet storage ideas. Get rid of clutter before you start your organizing project. It makes it so much easier.

Small closet organization really showcases your creative talents. Repurpose shoeboxes and even boxes that you have tucked away just in case you need them. Well, now is the time of need so bring them into use. You don’t need professional organizer certification in order to get things done.

Bathrooms can be a challenge, especially if they are used by several people. Arrange supplies in baskets or other containers and group them by use or people. If girls share a bathroom, encourage them to declutter what they are not using and toss out old makeup. Some makeup has a limited shelf life. It is recommended that you toss mascara after it has been opened a few weeks. Old eye makeup can be the source of a nasty infection.  Any petroleum based product can become rancid over time. When in doubt, toss it out.

Sunblock has a shelf life of a couple of years, but if it starts to smell sour or changes color, toss it out. I have gotten a bad sunburn before when I used old sunblock. I have light skin and freckles, so I burn easily.

Organization ideas are good things to share. A professional organizer can be a good investment as we share useful tips that we have found to work for ourselves and others. A good step is also to become part of a mastermind group and I have just the thing for you.

I am starting a new group of like-minded people. We will share our organizational challenges, support each other, and I will guide the discussion and include information that I guarantee will help you with getting organized at your house.

Go to my course website today and reserve your place in our next class You will become part of a success group and we will help each other rise above the challenge of organizing our home and lives. Here’s to your organizing success!

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