Ultimate Clutter Challenge – Paper Clutter


If there is an Achilles heel for clutter, it is PAPER CLUTTER! Paper seems to multiply and grow without limits. It is my own personal challenge. As a personal organizer, my fear is that I will lose information that has already been given to me. Things such as email addresses, phone numbers and even appointment times seem to wind up on little pieces of paper. At the time I do it, it seems like a good idea because I will put it on my calendar or in my computer right away..,,

Then, life happens…I get distracted by a phone call, scurry to the next client, or stop a the store to shop for clients. In the meantime, that piece of paper starts to settle to the bottom of my purse. The grocery store receipt winds up on top of the other papers along with my keys and glasses. As I continue through the day, other things get saved inside my purse. By the end of the day I am on purse overload. Then the paper clutter is a problem.

Easy resolution? I put my purse on the table when I get home and start to sort things out. Paper pieces are the first to come out so I can see what is inside. Here is where the real difficulty comes into play – I start to toss out pieces of paper that I don’t need. There is danger of tossing a phone number or other information that I have written down. I look at the pieces as paper clutter and they need to go away,

Does this ever happen to you?


  • Carry a planner and put all
    Stop Paper Clutter

    Stop Paper Clutter

    the miscellaneous information in it.

  • Enter the information in a Smart Phone and save in the proper place. Add emails and phone numbers to your Contacts.
  • Continue with what you are doing and live with the results.

You can create files or categories in your phone Notes app and remember to check on that information when you get home or at your desk. In the beginning, leave a note on your desk to remind you to check this information. Post-it Notes are your friend!

My answer to the paper clutter problem is to carry a monthly planner. You can find the one I use at http://cynthialikes.me/monthly-planner – it works wonders in controlling my paper mess. That is one less thing that I need to be concerned with – and that makes life simpler and I can be more productive with less stress!

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