Packrat or Hoarder – What Does It Feel Like To You?

Organize Puzzle Showing Organization And ManagingHave you been accused of being either a packrat or hoarder? I personally don’t like the terms. However, I do remember when my family probably thought I was a packrat. To me it was just my future projects and past memories that I had on hold for future projects. Sadly, it did not look that way to others.

Getting control of the stuff in your home can give you a new outlook on life. I found that I began to declutter in layers. I  started tossing and organizing and it felt so freeing. I no longer felt guilty when I sat down to watch a movie or went out with friends because I did not have boxes of stuff waiting to be sorted through when I got back home.

I remember waking on Saturday mornings and taking mental inventory of what I “should” be doing and balancing it against what I wanted to do. I wanted to have fun with my grandchildren and have them over to play, but my family was the biggest critic when it came to the stuff I had sitting around in boxes and plastic tubs. So, it was a project in the making.

If you understand how this feels, then I have a source I would like to recommend to you. It is available online and the book can be downloaded to your computer even if you buy it a midnight. Go right away and check out Mimi is running a special right now and offering a report on how to avoid procrastination at the same time. I bought it myself and give it my highest recommendation.

I found that when you declutter your home, it can change your environment and change your outlook on life. As I gained control over the stuff, I also began to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. I believe I was doing guilty eating since I did not seem to have control over anything else. Being organized can become a habit for you and certainly helps with stress management in my experience.

Stay tuned for upcoming helps and tips and even an online class in February. Make this your year to unclutter your life and life instead of just exist.

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