Are You Overwhelmed with Clutter – Help with Compulsive Hoarding

clutter-360058_640Sometimes life is so overwhelming that it seems to take all of your energy just to get out of bed and get through the day. If so, you are not alone. There is help available and although I am not a health professional, I have seen situations where stuff is really out of the person’s control If that is the situation with someone you care about, these may be some of the causes:

Low Self-Esteem. It is possible that we stick with clutter because we don’t really know who we are! Being creative and proactive in managing our space requires a clear insight to our identity — and an understanding for that identity. But if we often find ourselves already content with “this will do,” then perhaps we may have to challenge ourselves a little bit more. Ask yourself if you think you are worth the effort that it takes to clear out the stuff and begin to overcome the stuff in your life and home.  Take s notebook and pen and start to write out how you feel about all the stuff. Is it important or just too much trouble to take care of? If you need some help, reach out to someone for suggestions.

Depression. Clutter can cause depression, but depression can cause clutter as well. When you’re sad, the only thing that you can attend to is what is going on inside of you — you barely notice how uncomfortable or messy the world is. And when you do notice you’re surroundings, you don’t have the energy to lift a finger and fix it. A positive and happy person can’t wait to get rid of the disorderly in his world.

Delaying Adulthood. Lastly, clutter can be a symptom of delaying responsibility. Children are allowed to get messy – it’s part of their unstructured play. But adults have to be more diligent; we are expected to  honor our obligations and ensure that everything is under control. Do you want to be like Peter Pan and never grow up? If you like clutter,  you may be procrastinating on the journey to maturity. It’s still about doing things which are convenient, instead of doing things that are right.

Eventually, we all need to come to reality and take the plunge into adulthood. You will actually start to enjoy the results of clearing out the mess in your home and it usually helps make life simpler and more enjoyable. Hey, there are some fun adult things you may be missing, such as relationships. If you will work on overcoming the clutter a bit at a time, you will start to enjoy your life more  since you can invite friends to your home without feeling nervous about all your stuff.

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