Organizing Your Home – Is The Neat Gene Hereditary?

clock-163202_640 It’s a common misconception that good organizers are born that way, and the rest of us don’t stand a chance. But knowing how to clean house is not inherited and is not an innate personality trait.

While it is true that there are those who possess a natural knack for putting things in their rightful place, there’s nothing about organizing that you can’t develop the skill by study and learning. Do a bit of research on the topic. Think outside the box, brainstorm with your kids for ideas, or better yet, see what the experts have to say. In this information age, no one has the right to plead ignorance!

A really good piece of news is that organizing your home is not expensive. The price varies by what you have on hand and how much stuff you have to contain.  There are occasions when it’s wise to invest in a few tools to keep everything neat and accessible. Cabinets with compartments are excellent ways to store office supplies. Yearly and monthly planners can help you sort out your appointments, and a bulletin board for your grocery list can help you keep track of what you have in your kitchen.

While these tools may mean additional expense, note that there are budget-friendly alternatives. You can recycle old boxes to create storage space, or design your own planners with word processing software. Coming up with ways to organize a home without spending a lot of money can actually become a game your family would be fond of playing.

Lastly, there are those who procrastinate on organizing their home because they know they’ve already “been there and done that” and assume it will get messed up again anyway.  A lot of people assume that organizing a home is merely an aesthetic project. You take an inventory of the stuff you have, throw away what you don’t need, compartmentalize the ones you actually do need and place things in their appropriate locations. But for home organizing to work, we need internal change as well. Unless you train yourself to follow the systems you’ve put in place, you’ll go back to your old patterns! If you want long term change, then it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a little time for self-discernment.

One of the biggest benefits of working with  me to get organized is that I help you put systems in place so you can stay organized. It is a good thing that organizing, or lack of it, is not hereditary. That means that anyone who is willing to follow a few simple steps can develop organization skills and get rid of the clutter.

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