Organizing Success | Boxes Are a Great Tool

mouse-40916_640I have found that an ordinary box can be one of your best organizing tools. It is a well kept secret in the decluttering circles of information. But, I will let you in on some  easy ways to use boxes.

They are the perfect fit for VHS tapes. I still have some hanging around the house, do you? Since they are paid for, I did not replace them with  the CD version. I store the tapes in the same size shoe boxes. I find athletic shoe boxes are some of the best for this, especially the ones that have the lid attached. It is simple to stick a label on the end of the box and list the items within. If you want to get really fancy, cover the boxes with paper that has a sticky backside.

Shoe boxes are also a good way to organize art supplies. Helping children learn to keep their things together and put away establishes good habits for when they are older. Put them in a place where they will know right where to find them. Many a contented hour is spent by children just coloring for fun.

Office boxes that copy paper comes in is quite handy, also. I use boxes that are all the same size when organizing a closet or office. Books pack well in boxes and  you can also label them on the end so it is easy to list them by name. I also like those same boxes for extra linens, toys, you can put your imagination to work here.

The best secret, though, is that if you are not using the stuff, think about giving it away or sharing it with someone else. Too much stuff packed in boxes is still clutter. True, it is organized, but clutter   the same.

What are some creative ways that you use boxes? I will be interested to hear.

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