Organizing Your Home – Control Shoe Clutter

athletic-shoes-25493_640Do you find piles of shoes around the house? Do you stumble over them as you come in the door?  Leaving shoes lurking in the doorway is usually the first sign of clutter as someone enters the home.

Avoiding Shoe Clutter in the Doorway

Do you often have a hard time getting through the door because the mountain of shoes is out of control?  Are you embarrassed when visitors pop by unexpected because they have to somehow hurdle this display to get in your home or you have to actually acknowledge the mess by kicking them out of the way?

The entry way to your home is a natural spot to attract clutter.  Sure, you want shoes removed before entering the house and you appreciate everyone following this rule but you don’t want to have a scavenger hunt to find the floor either.  A shoe organizer system will prevent shoe pile up from occurring which looks nicer, preserves the life of your shoes and allows you to find the ones you’re looking for in a hurry.

Selecting a System

The shoe organizer system that you choose will depend on a few different factors with space being at the top of the list.  If your entryway is limited in size, you will need to choose a system that will organize without taking up much room.  Your budget and size of your family will also play key roles in the decision process as well.

  • Cubbyholes – Lockers and cubbyholes have become very popular with all areas of home and dorm organization.  These are especially ideal for an entryway and can be tucked away in the entry closet  because there is a generous amount of divided sections that are about the perfect size for a pair of shoes.  They keep things neat and pairs stay together.
  • Shoe Racks – There are a multitude of shoe racks available in different styles and sizes.  A small one is ideal if you have limited space or a small family.  If your entryway is out of site from the rest of the house, like in the laundry room or a long hallway you may want to consider a wall-mounted variety as well.
  • Storage Bench – A bench is a nice piece of furniture to have by your door.  It allows you and your guests a place to sit while taking your shoes off and one with storage is perfect to hide your mess.  You can find benches that have either shelves or cubbyholes underneath.
  • Basket or Bin – You can find a basket or box that is actually pretty and use it to store the  shoes out of the way and off the floor.  Everyone should put their shoes in the basket when they come home and those that are not worn for daily wear can be put away once they are dry.
  • Tape – You may need to limit the number of shoes allowed in the entry.  Perhaps every person in your house can keep one pair of shoes by the door lined up against a piece of tape with their name on it.  Like a parking spot, only one pair is allowed!

With a bit of planning, you can clear out the clutter and make the entry to your home pleasant and inviting.  Use a bit of creativity to design your shoe storage and start your family on the way to organized living today.

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