Be Organized – How To Plan An Organized Move

cliptimerMoving can be extremely exciting yet overwhelming and stressful all at the same time.  Everything in your home needs to be gone through and packed, utilities need to be turned on or transferred and you still have to carry on with your daily responsibilities.  By creating a plan and committing to it, you can be prepared for your move rather than rushing around at the last minute like a bundle of nerves.

Start Early

It is very rare (unless you are relocating last minute for work) that you don’t have at least a few weeks or longer to prepare for your move so why wait until the last minute?  As soon as you have the confirmation, create a list of everything that you need to do and post it somewhere that you can easily access it and check things off as they’re completed.  Tasks on your list will include picking up boxes and shipping materials, changing your address, transferring utilities, investigating new schools or veterinarians, packing, hiring movers, etc.

Pack Daily

You really never realize how much stuff you have until you begin packing.  Commit to power packing for at least 15 minutes a day.  This way near the end, you will only have the big stuff, clothes and odds and ends in the kitchen and bathroom to deal with.  Have a box ready for trash and one for items that you can donate unless you plan on having a garage sale before the big day.

Create a Moving Area

No one wants to live with clutter.  Designate the basement or the corner of one room to stack all boxes, sporting equipment or anything that you’re not using.  There is no reason to have boxes piled high in every room, this just drains all the energy out of your living space.

Label Boxes

Unless your really have the desire to be opening every single box the day you move just to find a coffee mug or a towel, you need to label every one.  An idea of the contents as well as what room the box belongs in will allow your moving day to run much smoother.  If you are hiring movers, you should avoid marking keywords such as jewelry or valuables on boxes.  Most of these people are really pretty honest but you’re better not to offer temptation in case you end up with one that’s not so trustworthy.

Hire Movers

Many people feel that they cannot afford to hire professional overs but if you call around, you will find that there are a lot of private teams out there that have really reasonable rates.  Quite often, renting a truck, dolly, paying for gas and throwing out your back can cost just as much.  As a hint, if you let your movers know that you will provide an attractive tip if they can accomplish the job in a set but reasonable amount of time, they will hustle a little more so you’re not billed longer than you should be.

With just a little bit of preparation, moving can be less stressful. Take a little time to plan and you will find it is so much easier.

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