Get Organized at Home – Easy Tips and Tricks

house-43763_640A Guide to Help Busy Parents Stay Organized

Staying organized can often be a nearly impossible job for a mother.  As if you don’t have enough to do with your busy schedule, you also have the task of keeping the home clutter-free and everyone’s schedules running smoothly.  As daunting as it seems to be sometimes, if you follow this helpful guide, you might actually find time to add sleep to your daily activities!

Eliminate Clutter

Sure, this seems easier said than done but if you go through your home and eliminate the clutter, you are more likely to actually keep it that way on a daily basis (other family members may still need a little guidance).  Avoid allowing clutter to build up in certain spots.  Tables and counter tops often seem to become prime real estate for mittens, school books, lunch boxes, mail, money and dog leashes.  The longer you allow things to pile up here, the more work you create for yourself having to put it all away.

If you have an excessive amount of knickknacks scattered throughout your house, consider hanging shelves and using wall space so things don’t look so cluttered.

Designate Specific Areas for Objects

Odds and ends like shopping bags, loose change, keys, etc., can often lead to the most clutter lying around.  If you designate a specific area where everything goes, you eliminate this problem.  This can be as simple as a jar on the counter to house all the spare change, a hook by the door for dog leashes and a bowl for keys.  The trick here is “bring it in and put it here”.

Create a Filing System

If you are like most parents, you are probably gifted paperwork everyday from bills to notes from teachers to personal shopping lists.  If you implement a filing system that is easy to use and that works best for you then you have your place to put important documents that you need to deal with and you’ll know where to find everything.

Stay on Top of Cleaning

As you already know, it is nearly impossible to set aside a few hours for cleaning so it is easier to do small projects scattered throughout the day.  It is more practical to squeeze in 10 minutes to clean at a time than large time spans.  Make sure that your household cleaning supplies are well organized and ready to go when you need them. A really great thing is if you can have a cleaning service come in at least once a month. This is money well spent and it encourages everyone to clean up a bit the night before the scheduled cleaning.

Put a Stop to the Door Drop

Do you have children (and often a partner) who drops everything at the door when they come home for you to deal with later?  Coats, hats, book bags, lunch boxes and shoes do not belong here.  Of course, if shoes are wet they should remain there to dry temporarily.  Enforce a rule that everyone puts these items away and you’ll end up with a little extra spare time everyday!

If your family as a unit can establish simple guidelines, then all members will benefit. Even young children can be encouraged to pick up their stuff. It establishes good habits for the future – that is the best trick.

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