Organize Your Morning | Create a Routine

manclosetCreate a Morning Routine to Start Your Day The easiest way to maintain an organized house is by implementing routines.  A morning routine will help your family get ready and out the door on time with less confusion and frustration which will also allow you to start your day a little more relaxed.

Focus Professional speaker and best selling author Brian Tracy refers to the first 60 minutes you are awake everyday as the golden hour.  Essentially, this is the hour that will set the tone for your entire day.  If you can find a way to utilize this time effectively and focus on your priorities, your whole day will reflect this.

Most often, busy parents wake up and begin rushing around getting ready for work, making breakfast and packing lunches so the day begins hectic and in fast-forward mode.  What you should be doing is setting your alarm, sneaking out of bed early and doing something uplifting for yourself which will allow you to be better focused throughout the day.  This could be reading a good book you never have time for or taking the dog for a walk around the block but whatever you do, it should be for you.

15 Minute Clean and Prep You may not believe what you can get done in 15 minutes if you focus and move!  Set the alarm on the stove and squeeze in as many tasks as you can.  This could include emptying the dishwasher, putting in a load of laundry, doing a little prep work for dinner later, wiping down counter tops and mirrors or cleaning your toilet bowl.  Many people get frustrated because they feel as though they never have time to clean but this is because they are trying to designate an hour or so every couple days to take care of everything but really, who has that kind of time?  If you devote 15 minutes in the morning, your day and week will run smoother.

Get On With Your Day Now that everyone in your house is awake and scurrying about, you will be surprised to see just how relaxed and calm you are.  You have started your day in a tranquil state and accomplished a significant amount of tasks.  Your mind isn’t rushing around in a million directions because you allowed yourself to focus first and then proceed. By implementing a morning routine, you will get more accomplished, have more patience and be in a better mood.  This will ultimately have a positive influence on those around you as well.

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