Organize Your Home | Pretend You Are A Visitor

Me in Hat

Me in Hat

If  you have hit a plateau in your housecleaning project, take a step back and pretend you are a visitor. Come in by the front door. What is the first thing you notice? Is the door clean and in good condition. If not, make this the first order of business.  A pail of water and suitable cleanerwork wonders in just a few minutes. Does the door need fresh paint? That could be at the top of your new list of things to do. What do people see when they look at your home? Is there a slight change that would make a difference? You will enjoy the change also.

If you have landscaping, take care that it is free of debris and clutter. Toys and yard tools should be out of the path, preferably out of sight. The roof and gutters should be in good shape, otherwise it can decrease the value of your place.

What a visitor sees walking up to your home, sets their first impression you want it to be a good one. With just a bit of effort, the impression can be improved.

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