Organize It – Then Have A Garage Sale

garage-sale-151190_640Have a Garage Sale to Unclutter Your Life and Home

If you have an abundance of clothing, household goods, sporting equipment or basically anything you don’t need, use or want, there is someone else out there who can probably use it.  Garage sales have become a common fixture in neighborhoods from spring through early fall because more and more people are realizing they can organize their homes and make some good money doing it.  Like everything else in your life, the more organized and prepared you are for your garage sale, the more successful you will be.

Organize Your Items

Group everything that you are selling in categories such as kitchen, bathroom, toys, etc.   The easier that you make it for your customers to find things, the more you will sell.  There is no reason to have stuffed animals mixed in with purses or shoes!

It is also a good idea to make sure everything is clean.  Just because you’re selling something used does not mean that anyone wants to buy it dirty, especially if your garage sale stuff has been collecting dust and grime in your garage.  If the clothes smell musty, rewash before the sale and you will probably get more money for them.


It is frustrating to go to a garage sale where items aren’t marked and you have to ask how much something is or make an offer.  Many consumers will leave and move onto the next one down the road.  Small colorful stickers are handy if you don’t want to write a price on everything because then you can just designate a price to every color, make a chart that’s easy for people to read and simply designate a color to all your items. I sell low and sell most of it. Last garage sale, some customers came back again. They had visited another sale down the road and said the other people were charging way too much for their stuff. They then bought lots of my things!

It’s always a good idea to have a free table with some items on it.  Most people won’t take something for free unless they also make a purchase and it is an easy way to attract customers when you advertise.


Of course, the traditional sign on poster board stuck at the end of your street with eye-catching balloons will always attract people driving by but if you have a lot of stuff to move and you don’t really want this sale continuing on for a week, you should do a little extra advertising.  Newspapers are always effective as are online listings such as Craigslist.  This way, if you have collectable items, like Star Wars or Coca Cola, you will attract people specifically looking for those items.  Mention your hours and general idea of what you have.  It is always a good idea to have someone assist and confirm that you have shopping bags or boxes, money to make change and even consider having refreshments like ice tea or lemonade available.

On the day of the sale, be out early for the serious customers. Often, most of my stuff is gone by the first hour. Always be safe. Have at least one other person with you at all times. Never turn your back on the money. I had some in a little box one time and someone took it without me noticing it. If you start to have a sum of money on you, take some of it into the house or lock it in the car.

I have found garage sales a profitable way to dispose of some of my extra stuff. The customer pays and carries it off so that is two good things! What is hiding in your garage these days?

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