Organize Your Home Office – Home Office Organization

company-396708_640Whether you work at home or simply use your home office occasionally to check your email or write out checks to pay bills, an unorganized space can be frustrating.  Quite often, your office houses important financial documents, so it is imperative that this area is tidy so nothing you need gets thrown away, used for scrap paper or eaten by the dog.

Go Through the Clutter

Is your desk a dumping ground for toys, pencil shavings, spare change and pet treats?  The more clutter you have on your desk, the harder it will be for you to concentrate when you’re sitting there trying to work, providing you even have any space available to function.

Your first step is to get rid of anything not office related and put it all in a box to put away in appropriate places when you’re done.  There is no point leaving the room to put away each object one at a time, stay focused on the task at hand.

If you have a small desk, consider placing anything you don’t use frequently like paperclips in a drawer.  The less items that you have in your way, the better!

Creating a Filing System

The reason why most people find themselves with a cluttered mess of paperwork that they constantly have to sort through is because they don’t have a filing system in place so nothing has a home.  Design a filing system that is easiest for you.  This could mean that everything is in alphabetical order or different items could simply be grouped together like mortgage papers, car loans and repairs, pet immunization records, children class schedules and report cards, etc.  Your lifestyle and how much time you spend in your office will dictate your filing system.  Obviously if you work at home, yours may be more complex than others.

Filing systems can be as simple as extra-large envelopes labeled and alphabetized in an empty box.  As long as things are easy for you to access, you are more likely to file your new paperwork daily as needed.

Helpful Organizing Items

To really have a well-organized space, you should invest in a few helpful organizers.  Mail sorters, filing cabinets, calender, post it notes and a cork board are all helpful.  Again, this will depend on how large your desk is and if you have drawers or not.  You may also need a nice caddy to hold pens, scissors, tape, stapler, etc.  Never underestimate how handy a cork board can be so you don’t have a dozen notes scattered around your desk.  Once you get your office organized and under control, make a point to put everything away where it goes daily to keep your space clutter-free.

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