Organize For Success | Advance Planning Is Like Brain Training

arrow-394142_640Do you have things that you need to do every day? Do you sometimes forget some of them? Personally, I found that I had developed a lot of mind clutter just trying to remember all I really need to do in a day’s time. Most of these things are important and I really want to do them. I will share some of my “things” with you and hope you will share your best tips with me and the other readers in the comment box below.

Little things can make a big difference. I have found a bit of organization helps me in getting ready for the day. Try developing a routine for each and every time and then you no longer have to wonder if you missed something. First tip, I take any pills that I need to take during the day and put them in a small container that I can seal and carry in my purse. I have little pills, big vitamins and even a herbal drink that help me maintain health and vitality. Since I do the same ones at the same time, I do not have to wonder if I have taken something throughout the day, I just check my little container and know my pill status for the day.

Second routine begins when I start my shower…

I start the water running and then turn and brush my teeth, put my towel by the shower door and step in. After showering and washing my hair, I use a squeegee and go over the shower walls to dry them off. This prevents mildew and soap film from forming. Next, I put on the deodorant and begin the rest of the morning routine. Have you ever gotten somewhere, sat down and then wondered if you had deodorized? I hope I am not the only one who has done that!

Meal prep for evening and any advance steps are always welcome here. This also works in establishing a routine for other family members.

Backpacks are by the exit doors for children leaving for school. Having lunches packed the night before was really a stress reliever for us. It got us out the door in a better mindset for learning.

It does not seem like a big thing, but planning ahead can eliminate some of the tensions that start out with the day. I find it nice to be able to leave in peace instead of rushing out the door at the last minute hoping I did not leave something important behind. As I walk into the garage, I hit the button to raise the garage door. I figure this habit helps me not drive out without the door being opened some day.

Little reminders can lead to successful habit changes. For me, I should not walk outside without sunblock and a hat. Fair skin and freckles don’t tan, mine just burns. I recently had the idea to hang a baseball cap on the doorknob where I leave to work in the yard. That way, I have the hat on anytime I go out,  not just sometimes.

Throughout the day, I have little things that I do to encourage success. If I need to remember something special, I just move my ring to a different hand. Do you find your mind running ahead all the time trying to remember all that needs to be done?  I know it still happens to me sometimes, but these steps have help relieve some of the clutter pressure and give my brain a bit of a rest these days. Try it, customize these tips to work for you. Let me know if it helps. I hope it does.

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