How To Organize – The Closet Is the Place To Start

neatdrawerchestIn organizing your home, the closet is the place to start. Here are some quick tips on how to organize. After you have added shelves and baskets as previously discussed, it is time to make the best use of your new spaces. There are shoe organizers that fit on the shelves or in the floor of your closet. Which one works best for you? It might be both. Heavy boots store best on the closet floor, but make certain they are clean before putting back in the closet.You can set a box of baking soda in a corner on the floor and maybe another one on a shelf (I like the kind with open sides that are used for the refrigerator).  You can either stuff the tops of ladies boots with newsprint or tissue paper  and stand them up on the floor. If they are not worn often, store them in their boxes on the upper shelves. There are no extra points for sharing the stinky shoe smell!

For shoes, I like the wooden shoe organizers that fit on a closet shelf since I can just reach up and pull out the pair I want. You can see what you have at eyeball level! Did you know that you can purchase shoe trees and insert them into your best shoes in order to maintain their shape? After wearing a pair of shoes, let them air out a bit and then add the shoe tree inserts. I have found that this keeps leather shoes in good condition for a long time.

When storing your shoes in their original boxes, turn the end with the label to the front so you can see it or even make your own label and stick it on the end of the box. Often, there will even be a picture on the end of the box for easy identification. In order to use all of your “square footage” stack similar sizes of boxes together. However, do be careful when taking boxes down so that all does not come tumbling down on your head. Shoe racks are also available that sit on the floor of the closet.

What about sports equipment, belts, even your favorite bag? Mount a piece of pegboard on a side wall of the closet and get pegs that will hold whatever you wish to hang. They have double or single hooks, small or large. This is easy to customize for whatever fits your stuff. The uses for this are almost endless. This is good from jewelry to jump rope and even a bag of zip ties.

Is there any space left in your closet? Is there room to re-purpose a bookshelf for storage? You can fit one against a wall and stack your books in there along with backpack and skates. Use storage containers or even get square or rectangular baskets or boxes and use them for odd-size items that don’t fit neatly somewhere else.

It is possible to organize and declutter your home and your family in a few short weeks. How do I know? I have done it. The best part is that I am able to share this information with you wherever you are. It is not enough just to know the information, it must be put to use. In my new course I walk you through the process. It is like holding hands online. The best part of this is you are not alone and I have been where you are and can help. You will find my guarantee right on the site Don’t put it off, you deserve the feeling of being in charge of your stuff instead of it being in charge of you.

Here’s to your organizing success! Cynthia Charleen

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