Organize and Clean – Bring Out the Hidden Treasures

box-36693_640Just this morning, I enjoyed making my bed and paused to reflect on the history of the quilt that I use for a bedspread these days. Do you have treasures hiding under your bed or in the closet? If they are your precious memories – why are they hidden under your bed?

By getting this quilt out of the cedar chest and putting it to use – I learned a bit of history about it. When I told my mother I was enjoying using it, she told me she had sent the measurements of their bed back home to her mother in Arkansas so it would be long enough to also cover the pillows.

My parents met during WWII at the Arsenal in Pine Bluff, AR. She worked in the cafeteria and my dad loved to eat – so that was a perfect match. He would come by after his shift and eat a slice of pie and visit. Well, after the war, he brought her home to Waxahachie, Tx.

In a nostalgic moment, I thought about Mother leaving her family and following her heart to Texas. In those days, it was rare to keep in contact by anything other than a letter.  The country was still under rations, so they had to provide the ration cards for the sugar to the lady who made the wedding cake.

Reflecting back on just this simple quilt, brought a feeling of thanksgiving to me as I think about all that we have these days. I don’t want to take so much for granted. For a picture of my heirloom, click here

What do you have hiding out under your bed or hanging out unused in your closet? Do a bit of digging and see if you have a few things you can put into use or at least display to enjoy.

If  you are storing the things for safe keeping and the next owner puts it away for safekeeping – when does anyone get to use and enjoy it? I finally decided it was better to have something in use instead of just passing from one generation to the next without being used and finally disposed of and never used.

I pictured my children backing a dump truck up to the front steps and hauling all the stuff away after I am gone without anyone ever enjoying and loving it on a daily basis. Of course, they would keep and treasure some of the stuff, but then other parts would just be clutter to them.

What could you be enjoying now? Search in the closets and under the beds and pull it out to enjoy. It also teaches your family a bit of history about the items as you see and discuss them.

So go ahead, share a memory today!


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