Organize Your Home – First Step To Getting Organized

bookshelf-32811_640Get organized – and stay that way. It seems like such a simple task.  Have you heard the phrase “Everything with a place and everything in its place”? I certainly have. It is really good advice, but the doing it every time is the most important and hardest part for me.

Start by assigning places for the things you use all the time, such as car keys. How many hours have you spent looking for misplaced keys in the last year? Those hours can add up to a significant chunk of time. I always put my keys in my purse, in an organizer that can be transferred from one purse to another in a quick minute. Would you like to be able to do this?

You will find that keeping a few basics organized helps eliminate that panic feeling when rushing out the door, but oh wait — Where are those keys?

I was reminded of the importance of following the put it in its place rule the other day when I did not follow my own advice. I laid then down outside in the garden, then got distracted when I put out the trash, cleared off some leaves and came in the house. A few minutes later, I was ready to leave, but where were my keys! I never lay them down… except… I looked on the kitchen counters, then by the back door. No keys – not in my purse or by the computer. I was about to take the spare set, when I remembered where I had them last – in the garden. Does doing something like that make you feel silly? It certainly reminded me why I have that little rule.

I have been making an extra effort to organize my stuff and put it away every time. Those minutes wasted are precious and cannot be recalled for reuse. If you have a organizing tip, please share it below. We look forward to hearing from you.



Organize Your Home – First Step To Getting Organized — 2 Comments

  1. I too try to keep things organized so I don’t go on a mad search when I need to head out the door. One little trick I use is write on a small post it note if I need to bring something with me, like something in the fridge, a water bottle, or maybe something I need to drop off somewhere and leave it with my keys. That way I won’t forget it.

    Another tip I use is if I can put something in the car the night before that I will need and it will withstand the temperature outside overnight I will do it. Saves a step the next morning. 🙂

  2. Good idea Kit! Putting it in the car assures one gets it done. I agree, notes as a reminder where I must see them is effective. I also will put things where I must walk over them to get out the door. If I can’t get out without it…I won’t!