Organize and DeClutter | Grab a Tub

bucket-159476_640When asked what my favorite organizing tip is, I reply “the plastic tub!”. They are both versatile and handy. Tubs to the rescue…

First step, determine the sizes you need and how many. Choose ones that will stack on top of each other. They are really nice to stack several deep in the corner of a closet. I especially like them for organizing books and toys.  Where are you going to put them? On closet shelves or in the garage on the floor? That makes a difference in how sturdy they need to be.

Next, I like to organize by color. Do you want to have a color for each person in your family? If so, I try to choose their favorite color for the container and even let them decorate it. Something simple like personalizing the storage containers encourages family members to join your mission to declutter. Hey, if it works, do it.

It is especially nice to have the same sized containers when you organize a closet. You can also use same size cardboard containers for efficient organizing. I like to use the nice boxes that sport shoes come in and cover them with paper and stick on a label for the contents. Let the family artist help you with this project.

Now, you can decide what to put in the boxes. Scarves, videos, name it. If it fits, stick it in a box and label it. A good technique is to store things where they will be used. I store all the miscellaneous parts for electronics in a box inside a cabinet in the family room. I also include the instructions so they are within easy reach.

You can find plastic containers in most home and home improvement stores, especially the big ones.

What ideas do you have for using plastic tubs? Let me know….


Organize and DeClutter | Grab a Tub — 2 Comments

  1. Funny you should mention color. Each of my kids were assigned a color. I had a plastic bin for each of them. I would fill the with folded clothes… and they would pick up their color and put their clothes away.

    I watch for the plastic bins to go on sale… and I really stock up on different sizes. When I’m organizing… I have just the right size on hand.

    Thanks for you tips.