Organize and Clean | Who Let The Dogs Out?

dog-35553_640or let them in for that matter. True dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, but it is often the women who get left to clean up after them.

Do you have one of those places where people go pale at the door and back away slowly? Sometimes as the owners, we don’t really notice, but others do. Here are some simple ways to overcome that situation.

Have a place set up specifically for feeding the animals. It helps to put down a small rug or carpet square. They have some cool rubber mats at the pet store. Place those under the food and water dishes and just wash them off outside when they get dirty. That will take care of  some issues for both feeding and cleaning. Besides, the pups enjoy having a place to call their own, too. Ever see the wagging tales just waiting for a treat? Now there is some excitement. It looks like the tail can actually wag the dog sometimes!

To solve furniture issues, have you ever tried putting down a quilt, blanket, or even small disposable pads if your pups are allowed (or even sneak) on the furniture. Once again, those things can be removed for easy cleaning and cleaning can be the good thing.

I like using Febreeze ™ which seems to cancel smells rather than cover them up. I just spray around the area and smells disappear.

Another way is to use a special bed for your dog. They seem to really like a nice spot to call their own. Those beds are easy to clean and put back right away. I wish it were as easy to clean a closet!

What are your best suggestions for care of your dog and his toys? Let me know. Comment below!

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