Organize and Clean | Get A Grip On The Paper Problem

bin-160460_640When you are clearing out the mess to make room for success – give some thought to stepping outside “the box”.  Do you need a place where you can keep all your paperwork together, a place where you can study and think in private? If you can set aside a place, just for yourself, you will be amazed what a change that can make in how you can start an organized life.

Do you have a home office already? If so, is it set up to be user friendly where you can find almost anything you need in just a few minutes? Really? If you have stuff piled up in boxes and stuffed in envelopes and folders, you are not alone. With just a bit of planning, you can get organized and working smarter not harder in just a few hours.

Start with the present, divide stuff into folders and then into  a filing system. You might like to try color coding for easy access. I like to use colored folders and tabs for filing papers. If you don’t have a filing cabinet, you can get cardboard boxes at the office store and set up a filing system with them.  What you need, of course, depends on how much paperwork you have. It feels like I have mountains of paper sometimes.

Handling the paper as it comes in prevents future problems. Is paper one of your worst problem? Tackle it right away and it will be a giant step to reaching your organization goals.


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