Organize and Clean | But Some Things Are Keepers!

towelclosetI have learned that you don’t have to toss it all out. One of the best rewards of decluttering is when the stuff is gone, you can really enjoy the “keepers”. It does not take boxes of reminders to preserve the memories.

I have been travelling a lot lately as I attend seminars to learn how to best share my passion with my readers. I take bits of reminders with me when I travel from home. I keep a tiny cross in my purse that was given to me by my daughter. Any time I reach into my billfold, I am reminded of her and the love she sends with me. In my suitcase, I carry a reminder of a dear friend who taught me how to love others for who they are. When I see that reminder, I am reminded of how he always had a story to tell and a smile for others.

It is always nice to be able to remember that someone loves you and nothing says it like a little reminder. So not all stuff is a tosser.

Pictures, notes and special reminders are important to us. It is good to be loved and to love. So instead of keeping all the stuff, think through what is important and put that to the best use. You will be glad you did


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  1. It’s amazing how just the small simple things can mean so much. I have a small cross stitch (3X3) that was stitched by my nephew when he was 5 years old. I have it hanging at my bedside. He’s now 36 years old. It is as precious to me now as it was when he gave it to me.

    Thanks for this post.