Nursery Ideas – Organize for Baby

toddler-303750_640If your home is like most your nursery is not the largest room in the house and small space decorating always poses a challenge to keep things uncluttered and yet find a place for all the necessary things.  Diapers, toys, baby gear, clothing and wipes can quickly take over a room unless all items have their own, easy to access storage place.  By using some easy organization tips, you will find the nursery will be a quiet haven for you and baby. An uncluttered room won’t stop the crying or sleepless nights but it will grant you a more peaceful feeling every time you enter it.

Think back to the nursery ideas you have seen in stores or even books and magazines and plan how you will organize the room. Furniture is probably the first item you will add to the room and then you can design around that. I am excited to be able to offer guidance in organizing for baby. Here is a unique resource this is my new course that will help in getting your place organized and decluttered. Just think, in a few short weeks, you could be ready and organized so you can model organization for the little child so good habits are formed early. How exciting is that?

Cabinets – Baby furniture is designed with the small child in mind. However when choosing it, you might want to get furniture that can be extended to a toddler bed or even to a full sized twin as the child grows. A buffet cabinet or anything sturdy with doors, shelves, cubbyholes and drawers can be a welcome addition to baby’s room as they are designed with smaller sections that make great places to store books and puzzles as the little one grows.  The more places you have to put things, the less items will end up accumulating in piles on the dresser, changing table or the floor.

The habits you form with a small child help set the foundation for how they handle stuff when they are grown. Just think, you have the opportunity to actually instill some tidy habits that you can hope they retain in the teenage years.  Now that is what I call an investment in the future.

Cloth cubes with animal faces make easy storage of toys and diapers close by the changing table. Everything for changing clothes and diapers needs to be within reach so a  hand can remain on the little one so they don’t fall. Shelves are useful for displaying pictures and decorations so they can be enjoyed without risking injury to the child.

Containers – Make use of as many containers as you need.  You will find that you can buy stacks of plastic containers for a couple of dollars and even large plastic containers or shoe boxes can keep socks, toys and other odds and ends organized.  Again, give everything a home and help it find its way back there every time.

Organize your changing table so items that get used the most are accessible.  Sure, you want everything to look perfect but if it works for you to keep a stack of diapers up on top rather than tucked in a drawer, put them in a nice container with a lid. This applies to lotions, baby powder, etc. too.  Does your baby squirm so much that things get knocked over?  Group them all together in one large container and you will have less things to clean up.

You can use a diaper pale or plastic trash can with a lid to store small toys without having a messy room. With a small child, a clothes hamper comes in handy, but be careful about the lid or even have an open hamper so that little fingers do not get mashed.

With just a bit of creative design, you can organize for baby within your budget and with safety.  If you need real hand-on help with getting organized, I can help. My new class teaches real skills that you can use for a lifetime. I know what it was like to always have something I needed to clear out and organize. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. I guarantee it!

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