Need More Room At Your Place?

stuffedclosetReuse things rather than toss them out.

Save those plastic pellets used for packing insulation. Store them in a stocking and  hang from a hanger in the closet. When you get ready to mail something, use those before buying other packaging. I like to reuse boxes and packing envelopes so I don’t need to purchase and store more supplies.

Use racks and hooks for out of the way storage.

Pots and pans can often be stored on sturdy racks and hung over hooks on the wall in the kitchen and that frees up cabinet space for things like – FOOD! You can use baskets and other containers to store like items together in the cabinets. A crockery pot or vase makes a handy holder for cooking spoons and spatulas.

Get those divided trays to go in the drawers. It is so nice to open the drawer and have everything organized and in sight for easy access.

Bedroom drawers are good places to use dividers, too.

I recently got dividers for my sock drawer and it is so nice now to open the drawer and pick without having to rummage through the drawer to find the ones I want. Use baskets and other containers to divide drawers for sweaters, undies and the like.

With a bit of imagination and time, you can make a few changes and maximum use of your home storage space. Let me know ways you discover to organize.

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