Make Better Use of Space You Already Have

basket-310061_640Sometimes, it seems like you need a bigger place when in reality, you just need a better plan for organization and storage of what you have. If you were to get more space in a bigger place, it would just be filled with more stuff and be in the same cluttered condition.

Here are some tips to help with storage and organizing that you can use starting today.

Repurpose things you already have.

Empty a couple of shelves in a bookcase. Find some baskets (matching ones are nice) that will fit in the space where the books would normally go. You can use it for storing small items that don’t fit any other place with ease. I have all the things I use when I go walking in a basket in the bookcase in the hall. I have my fanny pak, handweights and pedometer ready to go at a moment’s notice. I don’t have to waste time when I get a few minutes to take a walk.

I have baskets in each bathroom in my house that hold the hair dryer, makeup, washcloths and lots of miscellaneous stuff so it is not scattered around on the bathroom counters.

I have a metal CD holder that I found in a garage sale that is turned vertically and now holds bath salts and extra toilet paper in guess what – the bathroom!

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