Magazine Clutter Control | Easy Tips You Can Use Today

newspaper-295480_640Almost everyone I talk with has magazines that they intend to read. Do you find the next issues come before the prior issues have been read? Suddenly, you are months behind without much hope of catching up on your reading and you are feeling guilty over the magazine clutter. Does this sound like a problem that you have? Read on…

I know what this feels since I am an avid reader, or at least a reader with good intentions. Finally, I sat down and took inventory of what I was actually able to read. I would have had to completely read a magazine every three days in order to maintain the current incoming media. I made the decisions and then ceased to renew some of them.

I then made a goal to actually consume the information in the ones I decided to keep. I was keeping some magazines just for a single article or interesting recipe. So, I set up a system. I cut out the article and file it for future reference. I place recipes in a folder in the kitchen and make it a priority to test it out. When a recipe meets the keep test, then I put it in a permanent folder so I can locate it without searching and wasting precious time.

Then, I remove my identification before I take them to the doctor’s or other waiting room to share – (I ask before I leave them). They are glad to get them and others can enjoy. I also share them with friends that are interested in them.

The main benefit is that I no longer have stacks of magazines sitting around generating guilt for me. What tips do you have that work for you?


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