Ideas for a Nursery – Organize for Baby

baby-309176_640When you are designing the room for your baby, keep few tips in mind and your task will be much easier.

Décor – Don’t overdo it on the decor unless you really have a lot of room to house the extra knickknacks, stuffed animals, etc.  If you must have these things in the room, put up a few shelves and make use of wall space.  There are even easy corner shelves that don’t require any nails.  Keep in mind, an abundance of things in a small area immediately looks and feels cluttered, even if everything is nice and neat.

Clothing – Babies grow so fast and often smaller tops get mixed in with larger bottoms and then pretty soon you’re digging through drawers to find an outfit.  Why not label your drawers so you’re more likely to put clean clothes back in the same spot and once your baby grows out of something, get it out of the drawer and free up some space.  You can use shoe boxes to store the little socks, mittens and even favorite toys so they will be in easy reach.

Creative Storage – this is a good time to use colorful cubes and plastic tubs. You can use platic tubs to store clothing that is out of season or that doesn’t fit yet. My daughter has different colors of storage tubs that are labeled with contents and sizes of clothes. Whe the child  has too many toys, pack up most of them in a tub in the closet and bring them out a couple at a time and it seems like a new toy to them. If there are too many toys down at once, it is confusing and the child does not know which one to pick.

One of the best things is to actually sit down in the floor and play with the toys, puzzles or even just roll in the floor with the little one. Rather than participating from a chair, get down on eye level and communicate with your children and spend some quality time that is just for them. Those minutes may become some of the most treasured. There is no substitute of stuff for time spent with someone. A really good use of your time is to join us in the premier edition of my personalized organizing class. If this is the training you have been wanting and waiting for – go to and sign up fast before all the spots are gone. The class will be on Wednesday evening at 7:00 Central time.

Come on now! Let’s get started today!

General Tips – Organize your nursery to work for you.  Keep a roll of garbage bags in there so you don’t have to make an extra trip to the kitchen every time you dump the garbage.  You may also want to keep hand sanitizer in their also so you’re not running to the other room to use it when you need it.  Anything you can do to save a few seconds makes your day a little less hectic.

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