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wardrobe-157440_640How to Decide Which Clothes to Keep and Discard
If you can barely close your closet door because of all the clothes you have rammed inside, then you know that it’s time for some downsizing. But how to go about choosing which clothes to keep and which ones to toss? Below are 4 simple questions you can ask:
First: does it still fit?
So many people keep ill-fitting stuff in their closet “for that time when they finally lose the 10 pounds they gained over Christmas.” Well and good if you actually have a good diet and exercise regimen that you’re following religiously. But if you’ve been saying you’ll get round to weight loss for the last decade, it’s time for a reality check. Why don’t you just embrace your current figure, and buy clothes for your present body shape? Keeping clothes in your closet for that “dream me” is just eating space that you can use for other things.
Second: have you worn this article of clothing in the last 3 years?
If an article of clothing has been sitting in your closet for about 36 months or more, then it’s probably something that you don’t want, like or have lots of opportunities to wear. If this is the case, then it’s reasonable to assume that it’s something that you can afford to let go. So take it out of the closet — and keep it out. If you feel some resistance in discarding the re-discovered treasure, then just remind yourself: you didn’t even remember it existed until a second ago!

Third: are you keeping this clothing for purely sentimental reasons?
Clothes can also become keepsakes. Women, for example, do get attached to their wedding gown or prom dress.  Guys may want to hold on to the uniform they wore on their first job. There are also the ugly sweaters you wouldn’t be caught dead in, but you can’t throw away because it was hand-stitched by your great aunt Greta. If it’s only sentimentality and not practicality that’s creating your clutter, make a decision to let go. There are less bulky ways of storing memories; a picture or a piece of lace will do just fine for remembrance.
Lastly: is this clothing redundant?
Having fewer items in your closet doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the fashionista in you. The key is learning how to make the most from fewer clothes. Invest in the basics — casual jeans, formal slacks and a dinner jacket — and just mix and match. So if you have lots of clothing that’s redundant, e.g. you have six little black cocktail dresses and fourteen business suits, then maybe you can afford to trim down. You don’t need more of the same thing; it’s variety that can make you look fresh at every occasion.

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