Household Organizing | Let’s Start With The Kitchen

kitchen-351094_640“No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best. ” I do not remember when I first heard  that saying, but it was a long time ago, but not so far away.

What about your kitchen? Is it organized for success? First, clear out things you do not actually use. I know I have some fancy things that are seldom used, so I moved them out of the kitchen to storage another place. I do not remember when I last used the springform pans, so they are boxed and labeled in a closet. I will use them again, but not on a regular basis. That is the thinking that goes with kitchen clutter elimination. Put things that you use close by. I have cooking utensils by the stove. The ones that I use the most are in a crockery pot within easy reach. Others are in the drawer next to the stove.

Clear off the counter tops so you can work there without making a mess. Not much kitchen room? Branch out to other areas. Take papers away to another area where you can sit down and sort them out. Then file them away. Could you use a clever plan for storage of pots and pans? I love those slide out drawers and wire bins. You just pull out the drawer and everything is in plain sight. No more getting on your knees to find the right skillet. Hang a rack for your pans on a wall close to the stove. Put the lids on the rack, too.

Store containers with their lids. It is frustrating to pull out a container, fill it up and then not be able to find the top that fits. I use those lock on tops and put them on the container before putting them away in my pull out bin! I have enjoyed that kitchen tool.

Put similar things together. If you have room, organize a baking cabinet, put the cereal together in a wire basket, and do the same with other similare items. Then, you just reach into the cabinet and no searching for lost items.

What do you have for storage issues? Leave a comment below….see you online…soon!

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