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matrimonial-bed-150289_640When your bedroom is organized it provides you with feelings of relaxation and comfort and even allows you to sleep better.  You may not think about it but when the last thing that you see is clutter before you close your eyes at night, it interferes with the quality of sleep that you receive.  Uncluttering your bedroom may seem like an impossible task but with the proper plan and supplies you can actually complete it in one day.

Determine Your Needs

The day before you tackle your bedroom, get yourself paper and a pen and make a list of items that you  need that will empower you to become more organized.  You want to have everything on hand before you start your project because if you leave in the middle to go to the store, it is often hard to get that momentum back going again.  Depending on your budget, you may want to check local thrift stores or keep your eyes open at garage sales to find items you can use.

• Nightstand – Are you the type of person who enjoys reading at night?  A nightstand can go a long way in uncluttering your room, especially if it has a drawer.  This allows you to have a place to stack your magazines and books and hide your reading glasses, tissue, etc.

• Trash Bin – Every bedroom should have a trash bin.  If you don’t have one, chances are, garbage is ending up on your nightstand, dresser and even on the floor.   A shopping bag hung on your door handle is not a trash bin!

• Under the Bed Storage – There is a lot of geography being wasted under your bed if you’re not using it.  Under the bed storage units, especially ones with wheels can really come in handy for rotating your seasonal wardrobe or storing items you don’t wear very often.

• Containers – If you have a lot of hats, belts or purses, Baskets or other containers that you can easily stack in your closet will significantly help with clutter so these items aren’t tossed around your bedroom.

• Bed Lifts – Depending on just how much you need to store under your bed, using lifts can substantially increase the space you have.  If you live in a small apartment or studio, this is a good place to hide your holiday decorations or other items that you don’t use too frequently. It is like putting your bed on little stilts.

• Shelves – You can actually find shelving on clearance pretty much everywhere.  These are ideal if you have a lot of books or too many items cluttered on your dresser.  Keep in mind that every item in your room generates its own energy so when you have an abundance of objects on your dresser, it tends to appear and feel cluttered even if it’s really not.

When you have a few essentials, uncluttering your room becomes a reality.  All you really need is to commit yourself to one day of work to be rewarded with a clutter-free sleeping space.

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