Who Wants To Get Organized This Week?

One of the biggest roadblocks to get organized is procrastination? Do you find yourself thinking more than doing when it comes to getting control of your stuff? I know it was and still is sometimes one of my biggest challenges.

Here are some easy tips for getting into action so you can get organized starting NOW!

First, make a quick pick up trip through your place. Do you have anything that is really trash sitting on tables, chairs or even in the floor? Come on now, grab that trash bag and make a quick pass and throw out anything that is broken, has missing pieces or has just passed its prime. That task should also include the refrigerator. Sometimes some pretty ugly stuff can be hiding in the back corner of the shelves in there.

Are there broken things that just need fixing? Then place them in a box or separate area with a plan to get them repaired right away.  Can you fix it yourself? Then write down a specific plan for when that will be done. Is it something you need to have someone else repair? Next time you are going the direction of the repair place for that item, drop it off. Sometimes you can exchange your skills with someone and you both benefit. Can you do plumbing or carpenter stuff? Perhaps you could trade those skills with someone who can sew. You could fix a fence or door in exchange for alterations or shoe repair. It is also a good way to widen your circle of friends and resources.

Next, make a written plan of what else you need in order to get organized quickly. Keep it simple. Do you need to get some plastic tubs to hold your sports gear or off season clothing? Swing by the store an pick up several when you are out next time. I like using different colors of containers for different people in the household or different categories for easy recognition once things are in place.

You can use different colors for each of your family members and help them get organized, too. I even like to use smaller plastic containers for children’s toys. For example, use green for small pieces of toys that have wheels or people for play. Red could be used for craft supplies and blue for items for the play kitchen. Just last weekend, my grandson had so many small toys in the floor of his room that he just pushed them around with his foot. After we separated the toys into usable groups, then we could sit down and play and have a good time. We used the train pieces and built a track and surrounded the area with village people and trees. It took hours to get it all done, but we had a great time and many bonding moments there.

Does this give you any ideas that you could use at your house? So now, hop up, grab that trash bag and start to get organized today!

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