Getting Organized – Garage Storage Tips

toolbox-305304_640Organize Your Garage and Make the Most of This Space – You do realize that your car should be able to squeeze in that garage, right?  If you are just becoming aware of this, you can join the group of millions of other people that have lost complete control over this space.  Don’t worry, it happens at some point to nearly everyone but if you take on this project you won’t have to hang your head in shame anymore when you catch the neighbors pointing and shaking their head.

Take a Good Look –  The first step in organizing your garage is taking a good look at it.  Yes, that means wincing at the unwanted junk that everyone in the family dumps here as if it’s a graveyard for gadgets.  Observe the rakes and shovels laying around, tools scattered, sporting equipment piled high and beware of any critters that may have made themselves a home there.

Evaluate Your Needs – Make a list of things that you need to help you become organized.  This probably includes large storage containers, hooks, shelving and maybe even a portable closet.  Those really inexpensive plastic or metal stacking shelves or cubes can go a long way in organizing your garage.  Make sure that you add a broom, gloves and garbage bags to your list if you don’t already have them handy.  You want to buy the things you need ahead of time so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the project.

Trash or Not – Brace yourself, this is a tough step in this large project but you will feel very accomplished when you get are finished.  Make three categories: keep, trash and either a donate or garage sale pile, depending on what your plans are when you’re done.

Now, you are going to go through every item in your garage and decide whether you need to keep it, donate or sell it or throw it away.  Yes, chances are, you will need to pull everything out onto your lawn or driveway so start early in the morning so you can get this project done before nighttime.

Categorize – Once you have put all the trash by the curb and put garage sale items either in a box or bags out of the way, you can move onto the next step.  Create categories that suit your objects and place all items that you’re keeping into these specific piles such as holiday decorations, tools, gardening, car care, pet supplies, etc.

Put it Back – Hang your hooks, assemble your shelves and strategically place them around the garage where they will be out of the way and allow you the most room.  Then, you can put everything back grouped together in their categories.  When objects have a specific place to go, you’re more likely to put them back in an organized manner when you’re done with them.

Garage storage is one of the best investments and can even compensate for a lack of natural organization skills. An additional benefit may be available from your insurance company. They may have a discount on your comprehensive coverage if you keep your car in the garage at night.

I know it is not easy to overcome years of accumulation of stuff. I have been there and done the work to overcome the clutter and can help you clear the clutter and organize your life. I guarantee it. We have an exciting new course starting in a few days join us for the journey to living in clean and organized spaces.

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