DeCluttering Tips | Feel Free To Take Some…and Leave Some, too

iStock_000016869719Small (2)What are some of your favorite ways to keep control of the clutter at your house?

I think one of the first steps for me was to get control of what was right in front of me. I started using things I had laying around (literally) to eliminate Mess.

I had lots of plastic bags that stores give you to take the stuff you buy home with you. I thought of ways to use those instead of just stuffing lots of the bags inside a main bag and stuffing it back in the pantry. I actually started to use some of them.  I use them for daily trash collection in the kitchen. I hang one over the pantry doorknob and put all the miscellaneous throwaways in them When they fill up, I tie the two handles together, pulling them tight, and then toss in the  garbage can in the alley. I avoid using lots of those big bags that you have to BUY in the store and the little bags decompose faster in the landfill. At least,  it makes me feel better.

I try to reuse anything I can instead of just tossing it out. However, I am not suggesting you make piles of stuff instead of tossing it out! Think of some creative ways to repurpose what you already have. I took a decorative CD holder and stood it on end in the bathroom and now use it for a stand to hold incidentals such as spare toilet paper along with jars of lotion and cream. Folks seem to think it is cute.

I wash containers and let my grandchildren use them for their play-kitchen. Some stuff just comes in plastic containers and when I reuse them, I don’t feel quite as guilty. The grandchildren really like to use the containers in the sandbos, too. You can build very creative castles (even though they are made of sand) by using different sizes of butter tubs.

One of the best ways I have found for me to control clutter at my house is to BUY LESS! I actually stop these days before I buy something and think about if I really need it and if I need it, where will I put it. I try to follow the rule – for whatever comes in – something needs to go out. That is not only a space saver, but a money saver as well.

As I realized I got more stuff in the mail to read than I had time to read, I started stopping some of the incoming mail. You can contact Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 9008, Farmington, NY 11735-9008 and gave them   the names of the persons in my house that did not want unsolicited magazines and other stuff in our mail.  It takes a few weeks to see results, but it really decreased the amount of junk mail that we get.

What are some of your favorite organizing tips. Comments welcome below…..

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