Declutter Your Time – Make the Most of It

womanwithhourglassHow to Make the Most of Your Time

Are you the type of person who never has enough time?  Do you feel as though you are constantly getting pulled in a dozen different directions and never really accomplishing anything?  You are definitely not alone.  In fact, most of us will agree that we could use a few extra hours in the day to get everything done, not to mention get a little extra sleep!  Below are tips that will help you manage your time better so your life can be a little more organized and a lot less hectic.

Prioritize – The most important things that you need to take care of should always be put at the top of your list so you know that they will get done. Decide what are the top three things that you want to get done today. Take care of these things first so if you run out of time and not all of your tasks can be completed, you can relax knowing that the pressing matters were handled.

Use Time Management Tools – Are you most comfortable with a pen and paper, spreadsheets or using computer software?  Use a system that is easy for you and that fits into your lifestyle. When you have an idea of what tasks you need to complete a day, week or month in advance, you have a better chance of getting them done.

Create A List – If you have a busy day full of appointments, meetings and errands to run, make yourself a list to keep with you.  When you have a plan, you get more done.

Create a Routine – If you can implement and stick to a routine that works for you then you will find you have more time throughout the day.  Plan your morning in the evening prior so your day starts smoother and designate 15 minutes to cleaning and making things tidy in the morning so you don’t come home to a mess after working and running around all day.

Be Aware of  Time – Being unmotivated or procrastinating will get in the way of you completing your list.  Try to stay focused.  Phone calls are the worst for interfering with a busy schedule so make your calls to friends and family during your cleaning session and if you want to watch television, think about allowing commercial time to be productive around the house.

Track of Your Time – By becoming aware of what tasks you spend the most time on, you may be able to evaluate your routine and see if changes need to be made.

You will quickly find that just a little advance planning will help you make the best use of your time. The good news is that you can actually more time to use for YOU! It is good to be able to take a few minutes during your day and set it aside just for you and be able to enjoy a few relaxed minutes of guilt-free relaxation. Enjoy your life – it is the only one you have!

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