Declutter The Past | Digging Deep and Letting Go

chest-of-drawers-307743_640Just tonight I was sitting in my den and watching a bit of television when I wondered what was in the spool cabinet beside the lounger where I was sitting. I had the urge to dig into the drawers and see what was there. It turns out it there were some things from my past.

There were folders of  elementary school pictures of my children, now grown. You know how they give you the packets and none of them ever get tossed and most never make a scrapbook or frame. What should I do with them? After 25 years, my daughter came out of the drawer and into a frame. I kept a couple of the pictures and put the others in a box to share. I know my grandchildren will get joy from seeing their mother as a student, not much older then than they are now.

Next, my college applications to schools I did not attend. Those went in the trash. I don’t know why I saved them. It was interesting to see the applications for financial aid. My parents made about $8,000 between them that year. They had two cars and were midway through buying our home. Those things were keepers. I saved the judging critiques from when I entered a sewing contest. It reminded me of a major task I finished. See, I could do it even then. Sometimes we forget our successes.

I found lots of sheet music for piano and trumpet. I play neither. I will pass that on to someone who can use it. It would never be used sitting in that drawer.

I found instructions for things I no longer own. Trash can for them.

Garden manuals for lush green lawns. I put those out to actually use. If I don’t use them, they will be tossed. Recipe books were tucked back in a couple of the drawers. Those will go to my daughter who will use and enjoy them. She is the entertainer nowadays.

So, I had a pleasant hour reliving days gone by. Some things I will keep and treasure, other items will move on. I also feel better for the things I tossed – an old extension cord, no longer safe, even though nothing visible is wrong with it. However, it is not a risk I want to take or pass on to others. Some stuff was bits and pieces that had found their way into the drawer, it was also a good feeling to toss out the trash and move on.


Declutter The Past | Digging Deep and Letting Go — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Cynthia,

    Had me worried there for a while, you kept a lot of stuff before some found it’s way to the trash. Looks like your kids life gets a little more cluttered as you un-clutter though. My solution tends to be more outdoor storage, guess I’ll have to work this out a bit more.