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iStock_000009234931Small (2)What is the mindset that leads to clutter buildup? I know part of mine was to save stuff for a “special” time or for whenever I had time to enjoy something. I would save gifts and put them up in the cabinet for a time when I had more time. The catch to that thinking was that “special” time never quite came. So then I had special hair treatments, foot baths, bath salts and more all sitting in a cabinet in one of the bathrooms. Some of  the stuff would actually grow old and need to be tossed out when I finally decided to use it. Some stuff actually changes smells – or starts to smell after a few months on the shelf. Ever go to use salt scrub and find the oil in it had become rancid? Now that’s a time to remember!

So let your new mindset be that every day is special. And, really, there is something special about every day. Slip into something comfortable. Those old comfy clothes that you have saved, start to use them and get some benefit from having them in your closet instead of just piling up somewhere. Slatheron some of the creams and lotions you have been saving up and actually enjoy your purchase or gift. Take some time to relax – even if only a few moments – and give your mind a bit of relief from all the stressors of the day.

It is important that you tell yourself that you are special. If you don’t, probably no one else will! If you put stuff on the shelf and don’t use or enjoy it, that is clutter. If you actually use the stuff…then it was worthwhile. So take a minute today, slip, slather and then slide into a new mindset of using up what you have instead of saving it for a rainy day that never seems to come. See you online  soon!


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  1. Excellent advice Cynthia. I used to be like that as well – “saving” things for a special occasion. Then I decided – EVERY DAY IS SPECIAL – so I use the nice beauty products every day, I use the nice dishes every day, and I no longer save “dresses” for special occassions. I think EVERYONE should take this advice – it’s brilliant!