Declutter Success | I Am Excited That I Need to Purchase New Makeup

makeup-311110_640I never thought I would be so excited to need to make a purchase. However, I ran out of makeup base this last week and was surprised that I did not have any backup base in the cabinet.

This feels like true success for me. I remember when I had about three extras in a drawer. One of the best tips I can give you in overcoming the clutter in your daily life is to …stop stockpiling spares of everything. Wait until you really need something to get the backup. Now, I do not mean you have to run out first. One benefit is that you can actually know what is in the bathroom cabinet because you can actually see what you have on hand, not just piles of stuff in the cabinet.

Another benefit is that you can take advantage of sale prices when you know you are about to need something and not just continually spend money on items that you may never use. Once upon a time…in my life…I felt like I would have needed to live to be 200 years old in order to use all of the stuff I had accumulated.

The main message is that things do not bring comfort or satisfaction in just having them piled up around the place. It is a comfort to still have that money in the bank for something you really need.

Think about this when you start to make that next impulse buy, “Do I really need it, or just want to know I have it ?”¬† Try passing up a purchase sometime, it begins to feel good, at least that is how it works for me these days.

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