DeClutter Success | 3 Quick Steps To Get You Started

iStock_000026418565SmallIt is always a good idea to know where you are going before you start on a trip. The road to clutter-free living can be compared to taking a journey. The first leg of the journey is to get a plan and map out where you are going and what you will need. Take a brief inventory of what how much space you have in your home  and how much stuff do you have to put in it. What type of storage do you have? How many closets, cabinets, etc.

Write out a basic plan of where you want to put things. Outside of the obvious answers such as clothes in the closet, shoes on the floor, where do you want to put it? One idea is to get those organizers for shoes so that you can put then all in a smaller space and not have them loose in the closet. Do you have ways to store stuff more effectively? Put on your thinking cap and come up with some new ideas for storage.

Second, go through what you have and decide if you are really going to use it. Take things you are not using and give them to charity, sell extra things on Ebay, have a tag (or garage) sale. What are some ways you can turn stuff you are not using into cash?

Third, organize things according to where they are used. I put things like warranties, instructions and spare parts in a single location so I can find them when I need to use them. File your paperwork in file folders and get a small file cabinet or file box and put them all in order. Put things to use and stop saving them for sometime in the future. I have started using up lotions, special soaps and magic hair gel instead of letting them age on a shelf until they dry up or ruin.

With just a bit of effort, you can bring organization into your place and start to live with much less stress…do it today!


DeClutter Success | 3 Quick Steps To Get You Started — 2 Comments

  1. Cynthia
    I like to bag my own groceries at the market because
    I put them in bags with stuff that goes on the same shelf, in
    the vegie or fruit bin, in the frig or in the pantry. The baggers
    have never been in my kitchen and have no clue where stuff goes!!!