DeClutter and Organize – Do You Have a Roadmap?

architect-304782_640Do you find that all the stuff around your house a bit depressing? Do you constantly think about how you can get rid of the clutter? I know that was a big issue for me. I did not know where to even start. I did not have a trusty handbook that I could refer to. There was no hidden treasure map in my closet. I just had stacks of stuff. My children surprised me when they said all the things that I thought of as momentos were clutter to them.

I would go to sleep thinking about what I was going to do to get organized starting tomorrow. Trick is tomorrow came and went and I still had a mess on my hands. Weekends, vacations and holidays all came and went and I was still in the planning stage. I could not invite people over without clearing off spot where they could sit.

I did hold regular Pity Parties. However, I was the only guest РI certainly did not have a good time at these parties.  I came to the realization that I could not complete the whole project at one time. Just like eating an elephant, it had to be one bite at a time. As I broke the tasks into manageable pieces, I could do those.

I came up with a plan and was on the road to success. If you want to begin organizing your place, here are some tips you may be able to use. It may help you escape from the dungeon of clutter. Start with something quick. Make a Fast Pass and take the trash bag with you. If it is broken, stinks or is growing fuzzy, toss it out!  If something needs to be repaired or altered, do it or send it out for help.

If clothing needs a button replaced, or a hem altered, make it a priority to complete that task soon. These are the little things that nag at your mind when you see them piled up waiting for attention.

Look into your closets and see what you actually wear. It is no longer a matter of if you can wear it, but do you actually wear it. If you have too much, bag up some of it and give it away or sell it.

When you are feeling ready to make a big step toward success, set aside a weekend and devote the time to closets. Pull out all the stuff and divide it up. Make piles to keep, sell and give away. Perhaps you can have a yard sale with some of the stuff and use that money to upgrade your storage and get baskets and containers that will be just what you need to keep things organized.

Clear off the tops of counters, dressers and tables. Keep what you actually use and toss the rest. See, you can do it!

When you get to this point, you should be seeing some real progress. If you keep doing it one task at a time instead of it being a huge project, you will be on the road to success. What is in your plan for tomorrow? Organize it!

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