Declutter and Organize Your Home – A Plan for Success Today

thumb-328420_640You can’t get much done just sitting there! Do you sit and dream of how life will be when you finish cleaning up around the house? Wishing – Hoping – Planning – Dreaming did not work too well for Petula Clark and it has not worked well for me either! How has it worked for you? Not too well ‘eh. That is what I thought. The only part of that quotation that has worked for me is planning. Do you have an actual plan to organize and declutter  — not there yet either? I certainly know the feeling.

Feelings aside, let’s start on an actual plan that will get things done. We have been talking about starting with the closets. Well, pick just one. Picking  just one is the first part of the plan that really works. Which one will it be? It is up to you, but I like to start with the worst one. The one where everyone tries to avoid even opening the door. OK…confess. Everyone has one…or at least everyone I know!

Decide today which one that will be and then let’s start on THAT ONE tomorrow…Stay tuned!

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