Declutter and Organize – Myths That You Need to Know About

481-1013-A0521If you don’t want to do something, there’s always an excuse not to!

The above quote is true for most things, and it’s certainly applicable to organizing one’s living space. Even those who desire a clutter-free environment can always find an excuse to delay working on their surroundings. But the reality is: there are no compelling reasons not to get organized, and every reason to put systems into place. You will be amazed how much time it saves to have what you need close at hand and ready to go without having to do a panicked search for what you need as you attempt to get out of the house in the morning.

Below are some of the most common reasons people give to excuse clutter, and why they are more myths than facts:

Organizing takes too much time. The most common excuse people give for not organizing is the lack of time. But while it’s true that organizing can involve several hours of work, being organized actually creates time.  How much time have you wasted looking for what you need only to find it when it is no longer needed? I have wasted hours this way, I confess. Life is so much simpler now. I would never want  go back to the old way

When you compute all the minutes that you lose on, say, looking for the car key that you misplaced, versus the time it takes to put up a key rack, you’ll realize that you actually made a long-term investment — instead of an expense. And the extra bonus: organizing doesn’t just save your time, it saves your sanity as well!

An organized home has no personality.

Some people hold on to their clutter, because they think it gives their homes “character.” After all, if a home has no messy sections, it looks as if no one lives there!

The problem with this excuse is that it confuses looking clinical with looking neat and well put-together. No one is saying that walls should be colorless and drab, with accents kept to dull shapes and figures. You can have a warm and inviting home without the clutter. In fact, the only personality a messy home brings is that of a stressed-out and confused home owner!

Organizing is too stressful.

 And then there are those who resist de-cluttering a home because it means some elbow grease, and re-learning where everything is.

            This excuse is hogwash, for the same reason as to why the first excuse is a myth. The only thing you should ask yourself when considering organizing your home is this: is my present way of doing things still working for me? Or better yet, answer this: can I be more effective, more productive and more relaxed if I change things up a bit? If the answer to both is a resounding yes, then there’s absolutely no reason to regret the sweat!

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