Declutter and Organize – Manage Your Time

Do you need to declutter and organize and manage your time better,  but just don’t seem to have the time to get started? The key is time management. When you complain that you just don’t have enough time, do you get the response that we have the same 24 hours? That is true, but what  you do with those hours can change your chance of success.

You can’t measure what you do not track. So, get started tracking!

Declutter and Organize Manage Your Time

Declutter and Organize Manage Your Time

Break out your trusty planner, dust it off and USE IT! A planner gathering dust or lost in a drawer is not a tool, it is clutter. To turn it into a tool, get it out and put it into use.

Take a sample of 2 or 3 days and track what you do by fifteen minute segments. From when your feet touch the floor upon rising, until you go to bed, make a record of how you spend your time. From this data, look for the following?

  • How much time is spent just getting started?
  • When did you log into your computer and check emails?
  • How much time did you devote to monitoring emails?
  • Where could you have used time better?

Use this information to get insight for where you could use time more efficiently and target your best times to work on your goals for the day.

How can you get more done? We will talk about that soon….


Declutter and Organize – Manage Your Time — 4 Comments

  1. Cynthia, my biggest challenge is bouncing from planner to planner in an attempt to keep track of my to dos for my online business. Been through it all, RTM, mindmaps, Day Timer/Day Planner, and finally I am using a simple small spiral bound notebook.

    What do you recommend for the long haul?

    Mike Darling

  2. Time management is crucial to our success. Tracking our time will certainly make us more aware of how we are spending it. Thanks so much for a great post, Cynthia.

    Connie Ragen Green

  3. It must be something you are comfortable with. If using a spiral bound notebook works for you, then that is your solution. I use the ones where the pages tear out with clean edges. After I take notes, or have a list outlined, I remove the pages and file in a specific binder. Those can be labeled on the spine. Using colored binders is helpful so I can grab the right one at a glance. Then I can keep in order with the most recent page on top. For day to day plans, the simpler, the better. Feel free to contact me if you have a question I can assist you with. Thanks for asking…nearly everyone has some issue involving paper!