Declutter and Organize ~ Make Your Furniture Do The Work

Assembling closetI did not know that I could get excited over a piece of furniture until today!

Let me give you a bit of history on why this is so exciting for me. I just recently replaced my trusty television of about 15 years with a flat screen.  However, this caused a problem because I now had parts of equipment sitting on various tables with the cords running in all directions.  It looked really messy.

I was pleased to find the new cabinet has room for all the videos that I have with room to spare and the components fit neatly in the middle of the cabinet. It is not fancy, but quite functional.

The lesson here is to make your furniture work for you. A bookcase does not have to always be a bookcase. You can add baskets to the shelves and use them for storage of things in addition to just books.  Need a spot for videos? Put them in a basket in a nearby bookcase.

Tired of your old CD holder? Re-purpose it to hold pictures, or toiletries. I got one from a neighbor’s garage sale, stood it on end in my bathroom and it now holds lotions, etc. I have gotten several compliments on it.

When is a shelf more than just a shelf? When it becomes a drapery rod. You can take a shelf  with a rod beneath it such as would hold a quilt or wall tapestry and position it over a window. Then the rod can hold a curtain and double as a shelf to hold collectibles or pictures. It is also nice because breakables are out of  the reach of  little hands.

Do you have an idea for re-purposing a piece of  furniture or accessory? Email me at: and I can share your idea with others.

Just remember…clear the mess to make room for success!

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