Declutter Your House – Home Organization Tips

house-insurance-419058_640Do you wake up with the thought that you want to declutter your house? Do you sit around and plan ways to jumpstart your success? I know how that feels. I travelled that road for many years. The best part is there are some quick steps you can use to get started.

First, take a notepad and make a few notes. Measure your closet space for the square footage in each closet and then note depth, height and width. You will use these figures when you go shopping for storage. Make a note of any shelves and their dimensions on the same page with the closet dimensions. It helps to draw a diagram so you can refer to it.

Sit down and think about how much you have to store in each area and what the major items are. Do you need some baskets and plastic tubs to organize what you already have, or do you need actual shelves and storage baskets installed?

I have an older home so only had reach-in closets to work with. That means it was a clothes rod and two horizontal shelves above it. I decided to start with one closet in the hall. It had the most stuff and lots of vacant space. You see, I like my idea of square foot storage. That means using the actual space inside the walls, not just the floor and two horizontal shelves that most closets contain. Next step was finding a trusty handyman since I don’t do major carpentry tasks myself. I am a hammer and screwdriver girl. Nothing fancy.

Down to the big box home store. Take your measurements and pencil with you along with a measuring tape. Go to the organization area and literally pull up a chair or lean against the wall and see what will fit in your closet space. I purchased the prefab wooden closet organzers. The ones with the sliding baskets were the most useful for my reach-in closets.

Closet Baskets

When the installation was completed, the baskets run on rails and slide out easily so I can see what is in each basket. It helps store all those little miscellaneous items, even purses and belts that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. You can even use them for workout clothes and t-shirts. I used another closet organizing unit that was just shelves and had it installed on the right hand side of the closet. Shoe boxes fit nicely in those shelves along with sports equipment and even a heater fits nicely in its box when not being used.

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