Declutter Your Home – Establish Some New Habits for Success

clean-311681_640This morning, I was thinking about words that describe clutter. The word that kept coming to mind was insidious so I looked it up for the official definition. Per the American Heritage College Dictionary it is working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner; intended to entrap; beguiling but harmful, alluring.

Does that sound like what clutter does to your life? Yes, it does spread harmfully in a subtle manner in our lives. Have you found that when you are in a hurry and don’t take time to put things up, that stuff seems to gather on the kitchen counter? Then, it creeps onto adjoining surfaces. After a couple of days, do you find stacks of stuff seem to have erupted all over your kitchen?

Let’s make a vow to stop this insidious mess from starting. First, have a plan. Instead of dropping paperwork, mail and other things off in the kitchen, take a minute to at least take them to the room where they belong. Then before going to bed that evening, put them in their places. Is this a family problem? Then if everyone could agree to work on this one thing for at least 21 days (so it becomes a habit) can you see how that would make a real difference in how your home looks?

Instead of trying to reform the entire household at once, try to establish new habits that can lead to real reform.

Do you find that clutter entraps you? How about when you see the word SALE in a store window? Does your heart skip a beat and your hand automatically reach for the entrance to the store? How about if you took just a second to think about a couple of things and establish a new habit starting today? First, ask yourself if you really need what is on sale. I find when I go in when I don’t really need something that I still manage to find something I want. If you really have a need for the items, then take a minute to ask yourself if the sale item is really what you wanted. Do you ever make a purchase that you hope will fit, but when you get it home, it doesn’t look like you thought it would? That is time and money wasted.

So, before making a sale purchase, make certain it can be returned if it does not fit or suit your needs. How many new outfits are hanging in your closet that you never wore? Take time to try on clothes and then look in the mirror from all sides and see if it really is what you want. Rule number two is to try clothes on before they go home with you,.

Rule number three is ask will it stand the test of time? Try to buy the best that you can reasonably afford. Good shoes and accessories can upgrade an outfit so that it looks like a designer made it just for you. Would you rather have a few really good outfits that look great on you or lots of clothes that look like you got them from a sale rack?

So starting today, think before you purchase. It is great if you can get what you want and need for less money, but think before you make the purchase just because it is on sale. Stop clutter before it works its way into your wardrobe under the guise of a sale tag.


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