Declutter Daily – Clear Out the Guilt While You Are At It!

chaos-227971_640Do you live under the shadow of guilt? Deep down inside of you – do you think there is something missing? If so, you are not alone. Many of my clients have told me that their mess is worse than any that they know or that they feel something is wrong with them because they cannot seem to get everything perfect and in order.

Let the guilt go live somewhere else. It does not belong at your house. It is the people who do not want or ask for help that are the ones who need it most.

Guilt is not a productive emotion, either. Instead of negative thoughts, change them to positive, reinforcing ones.

How about telling yourself – or others – “Good job! Way to go! That is a good start!” ?  You will find that this makes your life a little easier and encourages even small efforts.

When you make those first steps to clearing out the clutter, they can be  the beginning of change – change to clear and clutterfree living. How can you be sure?


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