Sticky: Declutter Your Closet – How To Be More Organized

Women wardrobeDo you have more stuff to store than room to store it? That is a common theme in closets around the world. You can begin the organizing process by taking inventory of what is in your closet and then ask a few questions that will help prevent closet overload in the future.

When taking inventory of your closet space – make a list of what you already have. This does not have to be item by item, but general categories such as jeans, sweaters, shoes by type and extras such as sports equipment and the family photo box. It will help if you can move some of the extra equipment to another area. If you can see what is in your closet when you open the door, it makes it easier to actually use more things instead of just grabbing what is easiest to pull off the rack or shelf. Do you need to post a sign warning of falling sweaters?  That is meant to be a joke, but sometimes it is reality.

One way to know what you really wear is to turn all the hangers the same direction at the beginning of the season and as you replace clothing that has been worn (and cleaned) turn the hanger the opposite direction. This provides a visual inventory of what has been worn and serves two purposes. First, you can see what you have worn and then make it a practice to wear something else that you have before repeating the same outft. Secondly, if you see items that are not being worn, then those are the ones that can be sent to someone who will be able to use them.

You will find that after the separation anxiety is gone, it is much easier to take care of your clothes when they are not crammed together in the closet. Try to only have clothes for the current season on the racks so that whatever you see is a candidate for being worn. You can further organize by color or type of clothing to make your choices easier.

When you go shopping for clothes if you will ask yourself some simple questions, it will help prevent closet clutter from returning :

  • Do I really need it?
  • Do I have something else that will work?
  • Can I afford it?
  • Do I really want it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Is it what I really want, or a substitute?
  • If I buy this, where will I put it?
  • Is it a planned or impulse purchase?
  • What do I look like with it on?
  • How do I feel when wearing it?

The purpose of these questions is not to prevent you from ever making another clothing purchase, but to help you decide if this is the real deal. If it is not what you really want, then you will be tempted to keep searching after making the purchase and thus adding to the items that you don’t really love and wear. If possible, buy quality that will last instead of just buying because it is on sale.

To become more organized in your life, you can start where you are and make changes that will add up to success over time. Sometimes, you can set aside time for projects that will make a big difference; but, take it from my experience that by developing the habit of doing little things daily, you will see big differences soon.

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